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All Stars for Nascar Racing 2003 Released!!

At last you too can race in the All Stars, The Winston or the Bud Shootout!! This program allows you to run your own segment format race (multiple segments instead of one long race) and apply 'rules' between the segments just as in the real race! Invert fields, limit number of cars, force pit stops, its all there! You can find it in the Download section, or go straight to it here.


Rockingham (UK) for Nascar Racing 2003 Released!!

After a considerable wait (very sorry!) Rockingham for Nascar Racing 2003 is finally released. Updates from the N2002 version include lighting effects, animations, frontstretch signage, winners circle and much improved AI. get it from the Download section.


Rockingham (UK) for N2003 coming soon.....

An updated version of Rockingham (UK) for Nascar Racing 2003 will be released very shortly. Updates include graphical changes to bring the track up to date and also AI changes which make the racing closer. Keep checking back for details of the release.


Showtime Cars Added!

Chris has done yet another sterling job of creating both the Showtime Racing Funny Cars for NHRA2 / Main Event. Theres even a damaged version for you to choose! As always, the Downloads section is where its at...


Yet More European Drag Racers!!

Chris and Adam have been at it again and this time have created the schemes of the Top Methanol Funny Cars of Deszoe Krivan and Lex Joon and the Top Methanol Dragster of Manty Bugejja. Downloads section is the place to go..


More European Drag Racers for download!!

Thanks again to Chris Parker, Adam Gleadow and the others for more European cars for NHRA2 and Main Event. Now available are the Top Fuellers of Micke Kagerad and Robin Read / Suzanne Callin and the TMD of Rob Turner. Check them out in the downloads section.


European Drag Racing Competitors for NHRA2 / Main Event

Thanks to Chris Parker and others, you can now download car skins (paints) for NHRA2 and Main Event! The paints represent the European FIA Championship contenders in TF, FC, TMD, TMFC and PS. Not all the cars are ready for download at the moment but you can check out the latest available from our Downloads section (go to the NHRA2 and Main Event section).


ASCARs for Nascar Racing 2002

Now you can get the complete ASCAR car set from this site! Created by Wee Eck, Hawkeye and others. Get them from the N2002 Track page in the Downloads section.


Banked Indy Update released (N4 and N2002)

An update to cure the AI problems at Banked Indy has now been released. 216 mph AI cars, close racing and no black flag / huge wreck issues anymore! A big THANKS to Group44 for this modification. Get it from the downloads section.



Rockingham Motor Speedway (UK) Released for N2002 and N4

A brand new track, not a repaint of an existing track. This track is the UK's newest motorsport facility and already boasts a round of the Fed-Ex Champ Car series. The installation comes with both an ASCAR (ASA) and a Winston Cup version. Available for both N4 and N2002, you can get them from the downloads section!



N4 to N2002 MIP / Track Converter available in N2002 Downloads

Now you can convert your own N4 tracks to be used in N2002. The converter works with all MIP files found in Nascar 4 and can also batch convert, saving lots of time.



Banked Indy available for NASCAR 4 and NASCAR 2002!

Check the DOWNLOADS section for a new track installation. A banked Indianapolis with 30 degrees of banking in the turns and 17 degrees on the short straights. 200+ mph fun at Indy!!



This site is no longer involved in on-line simulation championships

Due to a number of reasons we will no longer be promoting / hosting on-line championships. This is very dissapointing for myself as I had hoped that this would be a major addition to your enjoyment of the current racing simulations.

This site will continue as a resource and 'learning centre' for anyone interested in editing and modifying the tracks, cockpits and other objects within the simulations. Check out the Downloads sections for the latest add-ons and modifications, or visit the Forums to receive help and advice from other editors around the internet.



SILVERSTONE, BULLRUN, CLEVELAND and O-RING are all now available for N2002!!!

The web site is now back up after an unexpected crash at the weekend.

UPDATES TO THE DOWNLOADS SECTION. There are now lots of downloads for the Nascar 4 and Nascar 2002 sims, including the tracks mentioned above.

Follow the DOWNLOADS link.


Simon Oxberry


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